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"I think that my work with Patricia, as well as that with
my Senior Team – where she helped us develop and deliver a highly effective change program – was a significant contributor to the tripling of our share price."
CEO, Financial services

"Singularly thoughtful, realistic and practical advice."
CEO, Pharmaceutical industry

"Discreet, empathic, supportive and above all – effective."
CEO, Financial Services

Depending on which phase CEOs are in their tenure, these are 10 of the typical questions on which Dr. Seemann’s CEO clients seek advice

  1. What do I need to know and do to become effective as quickly as possible? How do new CEOs get into trouble?
  2. How do I create the team I need without destroying trust that has been build over years? How do I get them to “play nice”? In some cases I am going to have to take some very hard decisions, how do I do that?
  3. What kind of leadership style do I need to develop given who I am, where the firm is right now and where I want to take it?
  4. My Board is very impatient. How do I rapidly develop a relationship of trust, confidence and respect so that I have room and time to maneuver?
  5. Anything and everything I say is second guessed and interpreted. How do I adapt my communications style without losing authenticity and effect?
  6. We’re doing really well, but I know this firm can do so much more. How do I unlock that potential?
  7. I need to change the organization’s culture and leadership style. I have seen so many of these efforts fail. How can we build a culture that will give a boost to our performance? What really works for us?
  8. I have a feeling that I have hit my ceiling as a CEO. How can I go break through it?
  9. I know my time is running out. How do I exit on my known terms and with my reputation intact?
  10. I have had to step down. Now what?

Since 1997, Dr. Patricia Seemann has been a CEO advisor. Her clients are mainly CEOs of large, publicly traded companies and she has worked with them across all phases of a CEO's tenure. She is also a former member of the Group Management Board of Zurich Financial Services, one of the largest global insurance firms.
Her work focuses on enabling a CEO to operate at his or her best potential and in helping him or her make the firm agile and resilient.

Her clients find that working with her provides them with more room to maneuver, more options, new perspectives, the ability to unlock their full potential and that of their team and firm.

Her clients credit her with having excellent analytical capabilities that enable her to find the crux of even the most complex problems. They appreciate her experience, expertise and very actionable advice even in highly challenging and ambiguous situations. They rely on her discretion and ability to handle sensitive conversation and issues. Finally, they know that they can be sure to have a sparring partner who will be candid, thoughtful and extremely in tune with the challenges that are unique to being a CEO.

Whether you are a new CEO trying get traction quickly, a successful CEO trying to take his game even further, a CEO who is embattled and seeking a turn around, one who is looking for a successful exit strategy, or seeking to re-build his reputation, Dr. Seemann is an effective and seasoned advisor.

If any of the issues raised here resonate with you, please contact Dr. Seemann for an introductory conversation.
References are available upon request.

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